Close Brothers Finance

Funding your Porsche

At JR Motor Company we offer finance and PCP packages from the best companies in the business to enable you to fund your new Porsche. Being Licensed Credit Brokers and together with our reputation we have worked with our finance partners Close Brothers Motor Finance and Facile Finance to gain the best and most flexible rates of interest for our customers which in most cases can be far better than the current rates at your high street banks.

Once you have chosen your new Porsche we can organise your loan in most cases pretty much while you wait. Unlike personal loans or mortgages we secure the loan on the vehicle you purchase so our approvals are typically higher than the banks and agreed straight away. Unlike most mortgages, credit cards or some personal loans, the interest rate and monthly payment will not change during the term of the agreement. You will feel secure in the knowledge that the payment you are quoted is the one you will pay for the finance throughout the term of the agreement.

We can offer a wide range of financial packages to suit each individual and their personal circumstances just talk to Ian to give you a guideline of what your new Porsche will cost together with some good honest advice.

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